Awakening the 2 million year old healer within

I didnt write this, I simply posted, because I think its pertinant

Having taught healing classes all over the world, I firmly believe that virtually anyone can learn to influence their energies to improve their health. You can do this! Instinctive knowledge of how to heal themselves was a possession of your ancestors, and it still resides deep within you.

Evolutionary psychologists have shown that survival strategies are passed along in our DNA. Healing energies are embedded in your tissues, and healing abilities are coded in your psyche. Carl Jung spoke of the archaic component of the human psyche as the “2-million-year-old man” Who lives within each of us. 2 million years ago, our ancestors with brains only slightly larger than those of the gorilla, were carrying out many cultural activities. Not only were they “hunting, building shelters, making tools, treating skins, (and) living in base camps,” they were also healing one another. For most of humanity’s history, natural healing was the only game in town.

Our ancestors had to depend on them selves entirely for their own and their clans survival. They couldn’t go to the local hospital for an anti-biotic or a kidney transplant. They were their own authorities, which forced them to be more finely attuned than we are to subtle energies. They sensed the energy in a particular food, a wild animal, or a diseased compatriot, and they knew how to regulate their own energies to maximize their strength and proficiency. They could not have survived the nasty and brutish world of millions of years ago if they had not intuitively understood what was required to maintain, in a hostile environment, the most complex physical structure that had yet evolved. That your ancestors knew how to heal themselves by working with their energies and that their hard-earned survival strategies are deeply imprinted in your own urges, passions, and reasoning should bolster your confidence in your own latent abilities you need to knock on the door to arouse the two-million-year-old healer dwelling within you.

Energy Medicine; Donna Eden; 1998; Penguin publishing