As spring rolls around once again I find myself preoccupied; Constantly being reminded that spring is here and its time to get back outside. This years focus for us is going to be getting back to basics. A person came make all of the beautifully bush crafted tools and whirligigs in the world, but without a solid root structure the tree will fall.
So, here is my declaration to the world. Future Necessities primary purpose is to pass along a love of nature, and the confidence that comes from self reliance. We love the outdoors, and that is why we teach. Our students give us the sense of purpose, for without yu there is no reason for us to be. It is an amazing thing to see the spark of passion come to be in the eyes of a child(or adult) when they now that can survive, or that they can start a fire with two sticks and a string. That passion is what I want to share with you. I have spent my whole life outside, and I feel very strongly that an intimate connection with nature is the filler for that missing thing that so many of us seek out.


Welcome back

Hello Future Necessities visitors,

The blog addition to the website is new, and I am going to try my hardest to post weekly. However, I am a brand spankin new daddy, so I have been a little preoccupied. That being said, I think that posting stories, anecdotes, articles, and whatnot is a great way to get our message out. The world needs to know how to handle themselves, in the outdoors. If you weren’t born into an outdoorsy family take some classes, if not from us, from someone else. The human connection to nature is one of the most valuable and important relationships on the planet. If we forget where we are from we will lose it.

I’m not here to tell anyone what to do or how to live. All that I can do is state the facts the way that I perceive them to be. As we know your perception is your reality because it is all that you have.  There is a book called last child in the woods “nature deficit disorder” that is amazing and I would like to encourage you all to read it.

So, in closing (for now) thank you all for checking out the site and thank you all for reading my blog. I will begin with my info posts next week. In the mean time. Get outside. enjoy the fresh spring air and watch life unfold one more time….