Brief explanation of classes.

Hi again,
This is going to be just a brief explanation of 2 of our classes.
First; the basic outdoor skills class. In this class we will look at a variety of concepts, from gear, to orienteering , to basic survival. This class is geared toward those who either have little outdoor experience, or those who have some field time, but would like a refresher or, just more experience. We have never done this class before. The week of June 14 will be our first time, hence the lower price tag. The reason that we decided to do this class is because; when a person signs up for a survival immersion class, I have always assumed that that person had some outdoor experience and sort of new what they were doing. Over the years I have found that this is not in fact always the case. There are those brave individuals amongst us who say “I have never been camping, I think I’ll take a survival class. To these people , I say more power to you. However, you will be a bit behind the curve. By no means am I attempting to say that you must take the basic skills class before you can take the Immersion class. I am just saying that in the immersion class there are no modern amenities, there is no food or water or shelter that we do not create ourselves. Therefore, we expect that you are at the very least comfortable in the outdoors.
Please use this information in anyway that you see fit. I hope to see you all at the basic skills class in June, or for those of you looking for more of an adventure, we are hoping to do an immersion survival class in August or September.
as always Spreading the love of the outdoors and connecting to nature