Hawk circle earth skills correspondence course

As a practitioner of any skill set, the one thread that flows true is that you will never know it all, but you should always strive to. I have been a practitioner of earth skills and bush crafting my entire life. I have been presenting, teaching, and providing at least part of income from it since the early nineties. However, the glowing ember in the corner of my mind, is that I never feel like I know enough. I always need to learn more, practice harder, and be better. My goal is to provide more than half of my income through teaching outdoor skills by summer of 2016.
With that all being said, I have begun the hawk circle earth skills correspondence course. Hawk circle was founded and is run by Ricardo Sierra, who has been a huge inspiration in my life for a long time. The earth skills correspondence course is a class that you do of your own with guidance by phone, email, Facebook, etc. I am just beginning it, but it has already taught me great deal. I am really looking forward to completing it and sharing my experiences. I believe that it will make me a better student, a better teacher, and a stronger person.