Why Wilderness Skills

We live in a world that encourages to be separated from each, We text people who are in the same room, we stare at our phones instead of talking to our loved, and we would rather check Facebook than go see our friends. This is not the way of nature. We are social creatures and we are meant to be with our loved ones, engaged in conversation and play. Nature is our home and our playground, The further we move away from nature, the further we are from who we are meant to be.

In the 21st century it is more important than ever for people to seek out meaning and connection. We have become lost and are struggling to return to the natural human state of connection and community.

The practice of wilderness skills and primitive technology pushes one into a closer relationship with the earth and the people around them. It creates community by putting people into a common struggle to learn a new skill and to work with the earth rather than against it.

When we study fire making, we learn how perfectly the plant life is suited to work together for our sustenance. When we study shelter, we learn how insulation from the elements can keep us warm and dry. When we study plants for food we know that we are part of the Eco-system. And when we practice tracking we become part of the landscape, and we see how things that were previously invisible to us, now pop into vision. All of these works help us see that all people are part of the same world and that we are a community. We do not need to be pushed together, we are already a community.