Stating Focused In Primitive skills


This post will follow closely, the article that I wrote in our August newsletter.

In any hobby, job, passion, way of life, or Skill set there will be times when a person or more motivated or less motivated to learn and work based on how life unfolds on any given day. I have what I call Primitive Skills ADHD. I know it’s not funny to joke about learning disabilities, or as I prefer to call them “unnecessary labels for children who learn differently.” But, it’s not really a joke. I cannot focus on any one skill for too long. My mind simply won’t let me. Everything that I get really hyper focused on always falls within the realm of primitive living skills, but the focus of my intent is constantly changing. One day the only thing that I care about is tracking, and the next day it’s quill-work, and then 2 weeks later it’s flint knapping. This really bothers me sometime, but for the most part I’ve come to terms with it. I feel like having my focus split up this way means that I’ll never be really good at anything. The truth is that I am decent at most of the things that I do, and I do a lot of things. The way that I have accomplished this is by becoming obsessive about Whatever it is that I am working on at the time. I don’t necessarily recommend this approach. It drives me crazy, and what is way more important is that it drives my poor wife crazy. One day i’m all like blah blah blah gait patterns, and Inter-digital spaces, and the next week i’m like hey, I made a Simpson point using only a hard hammer stone. She never knows what’s going to come out of my mouth, and she certainly doesn’t have time to keep up. But, this is how my brain works, and it’s what I’ve got. I feel that everyone who feels drawn to this subject has a sense of the need for it. They feel driven, or drawn to learn and practice the skills of living with the earth, as a part of nature. Whatever iteration that takes is the proper one. I know that regardless of what my attention is currently on it will always be earth based. Everyday I find out that there is something else that I want to learn. Sometimes I indulge it, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes, I read a book or 2, watch some YouTube videos, and have a get together with someone who knows a lot about the subject and then decide it’s not for me. But I’m still better for the experience. I recently broke a wall down that I wasn’t sure I could ever do. I met someone in person, that i had met on Facebook. It turns out he lives just down the street from me. We decided to meet up and break some rocks. I hadn’t done much knapping for about 7 years, but I had such a good time meeting a new person, and practicing an old skill, that my fire is rekindled. I am now rededicated. Any experience that we can create will help guide you ¬†and help you grow as a person and in your skills.

So, keep practicing, keep learning, and stay primitive.