The Sacred Hunt

We are now half way through year 1 of The Sacred Hunt apprenticeship. We have 4 very dedicated members. They have been working diligently since February. The goal of this Apprenticeship is to connect the members to nature in a very deep way. We are accomplishing this goal by getting them into the wilderness that surrounds all of us as often as possible. No matter where you live there is wilderness near you. even in down town Minneapolis. This program is 9 months and consists of 1-3 meetings per month, plus a monthly conference call, plus daily and weekly training exercises. The training exercises are on the honor of the individual to perform. We do not police them, or force them to do it. But we do discuss it at each monthly meeting. So far the guys have made their own self bows, Made both modern and primitive arrows. Worked on stalking camouflage, and awareness, Learned basic plant id, foraging, and primitive cooking. Next up is brain tanning. this program goes until October and will culminate in a 3 day primitive deer hunt. This brand new program is proving to be much more successful than we had envisioned. The guys are forming into a team. They are all growing and become more aware, and more in tune. I cannot express the gratitude that I have for these 4 guys and for the work that they are doing together. They have all pushed themselves through some tough times, and will become much stronger and more successful hunters for it.

Next years program will become a well oiled and finely tuned machine. We will be able to take the successes and failures from this year and put them into action to make the program even better. This sort of training really embeds a sense of ownership into the participant. Making your own bow and arrows will make you a better archer. Sitting hidden in the trees every week for an hour at a time will make you a better hunter. Utilizing every piece of the animal will give you a deeper sense of reverence for the kill. These skills cannot help but make you feel, live, and act on a deeper level. 17-751-newspaper-rock-art-petroglyph-utah-horseback-hunter-and-bison


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